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Lotus Beta Analytics

Lotus Beta Analytics (LBAN) is a company leading the revolutionary approach to Information Communication Technology (ICT) by redefining and reimagining a strategic approach to solutions and service delivery. We are focused on the provision of Information Technology Solutions and Services that are built on a world-class, secured, resilient infrastructure, and delivered according to global best practices in partnership with the world’s leading technology vendors.

We are Africa’s Leading Information Technology Consulting Company, and we play a major role in providing cross-platform solutions that meet our customers’ expectations.


Over the years we have been able to win the hearts of our customers both in the public and private sectors, by analyzing our customers’ pain points and deploying appropriate success strategies to solve their problems has increased the adoption of our solutions.

Our goal as an organization is to provide our customers with the best value. We bring high-level expertise on-site to you with long-term commitment and in-depth knowledge of your business, tailoring specific guidance to the way your organization uses technology. We have the right level of relevant competence and subject matter expertise/specialization in key areas of the business. 

As an organization that provides solutions to boost business growth to contribute to the advancement of the global digital economy the world over, we are constantly striving to deliver quality, timely and innovative solutions in partnership with our customers. With a deep sense of professionalism, we continually maintain many steps ahead of the competition, which translates into our resolve to empower our customers with agile solutions that enable them to achieve their aspirations and be winners in their marketplace. We are proactive, responsive, customer-friendly, and focused, appreciating that people are the ultimate beneficiaries of our technology.

Our Mission

Partnering with you to bring the value of innovative, durable and dependable solution to empower all via our world class team

Our Vision

To make the world a better place through innovation solutions

Our Essence

Services and Solutions, not just I.T.

Our Goal

To provide you with the best value


Respect for individual​
Team work and trust​
Dedicated to customer success​
High quality delivered first time