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The Simplicity of Microsoft Security

Complexity in diversity has had an eternal denting effect on security posture. The herculean workload that accompanies the poor integration of diverse security solutions has always been a nightmare for security teams globe wide as it has been proven to be deficient at covering the expanse on which businesses leverage.

Trust Microsoft to conveniently merge user centricity and top-notch functionality. Microsoft gracefully broached the ever-evolving security relapse from four encompassing focal points namely:

- Identity and Access Management

- Threat Protection

- Information Protection

- Security management


Identity and Access Management (IAM):

                Identity and access management is predominantly about governing the roles and access privileges of users, be it circumstances where users are granted or denied access to resources or more. Microsoft IAM solution has proven to be all the following:

                Holistic: Achieve strong security and more convenience with a solution that can help support all your apps and identities.

                Intelligent: Detect anomalous and potentially malicious activities by using cloud-scale, machine-learning algorithms.

                Agile: Rely on a solution that manages over 1.2 billion identities and 8 billion authentications daily.

                Heterogeneous: Maximize interoperability with a solution built on open standards. We have a growing library of APIs.


Threat Protection:

                Threat protection is a type of security solution specifically designed to defend a network or system from sophisticated hacking or malware attacks that target sensitive data. Microsoft threat protection is a unified pre- and post-breach enterprise defense suite that natively coordinates detection, prevention, investigation, and response across endpoints, identities, email, and applications to provide integrated protection against sophisticated attacks.

With the integrated Microsoft threat Protection solution, security professionals can stitch together the threat signals that each of these products receive and determine the full scope and impact of the threat; how it entered the environment, what it's affected, and how it's currently impacting the organization. Microsoft threat Protection takes automatic action to prevent or stop the attack and self-heal affected mailboxes, endpoints, and user identities.


Information Protection:

                Use Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) to help you discover, classify, and protect sensitive information wherever it lives or travels. MIP capabilities are included with Microsoft 365 Compliance and give you the tools to know your data, protect your data, and prevent data loss.


Security management:

                Monitor and manage security across your identities, data, devices, apps, and infrastructure in the Microsoft 365 security center. Get rich visibility, control over data travel, and sophisticated analytics to identify and combat cyberthreats across all your cloud services with Microsoft Cloud App Security. A single dashboard lets you easily view your security health and set configurations, plus get alerts for suspicious activity. Microsoft Secure Score helps you understand your security position and offers recommendations on what controls to enable to protect your organization from threats. Plus, it allows you to benchmark your score against other organizations.