Our Solution


VMS [Visitors Management System]


This is an LBAN’s visitor’s management system which helps manage and track visitors within organization’s premises during their visits. It allows for maximum control and selective access of guests into buildings, improves the overall visitor experience and as well as provide peace of mind in any case of an emergency.

The visitor’s management System works with parameters or indicators that create awareness and a good monitoring guide for the on-ground security of customer’s / clients or unique visitors within the premises and in turn provide safety and security in a cost-effective way.

With LBAN’s Visitor’s App visitor’s data protection is guaranteed and visitors assured of full privacy.


   It is an Android application and web/desktop version.
   The data from the App can be used to track visitor movement historically.
   The backend can also be accessed using a desktop or tablet.
   Authorization / verification: The notification service can be used to inform the staff of the movement of the visitor from the reception.
   Centralizes Visitors reporting
   Captures Visitors photo
   The solution can integrate to existing solution used by the security or facility management arm of the company.
   The service is on 24 by 7 availability and the solution is guaranteed no break in transmission


    Boosts existing organization security
   Secures safety around work environment.

This Solution is adaptable and flexible to any environment it is integrated to and gives full account of all inputted data with

The Visitors management App gives an air of safety which enables organizations to focus more on productivity.