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Using Facial Recognition in Tracking COVID-19 Spread


Using Facial Recognition in Tracking COVID-19 Spread

As the COVID-19 contagion continues to spread and the world battling to contain the spread of this disease via “lockdown” of cities across the globe, countries are adopting or using the latest technology to keep track of confirmed careers and suspected citizens.

With facial recognition technology, health workers, Government agencies (NCDC, FMOH, etc.) and several state agencies can use this technology in public places to track and pinpoint citizens who may have been exposed to the virus and further prevent the spread of the virus. It is easier to use this system to determine and trace the recent movements of coronavirus patients or suspects and establish virus transmission chains in public spaces.

In the face of this outbreak, Lotus Beta Analytics CCTV solution fills this need and performs intelligent facial recognition from input images to search through stored videos to track the history and possible spread of the COVID-19 based on search criteria. It provides access to video footages archived to the cloud via a CCTV Web Viewer Application which allows for easy playback, search, download by users with defined RBAC

This digital surveillance solution will aid with social control of identified/suspected Coronavirus citizens by providing data on possible transmission chains to the health and law enforcement authorities understandably on standby to enforce and help reduce or eradicate the corona the virus spread with facial recognition biometric technology.

The health and protection of citizens are a priority to governments. This health crisis has given the high need for facial recognition technology to help track, monitor and enforce compliance that aims to reduce the spread of the outbreak. As we continue to battle COVID-19 let’s not forget to play our roles in putting a stop to the spread by staying at home. With technology and the huge efforts of government’s, we believe the end of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic will surely play out sooner rather than later

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