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CCTV Secure Feeds

CCTV is primarily for surveillance and security purposes and thus is a key Security ingredient for all business operation. CCTV footage captured is essential and provides evidence for incidence and crime investigation. Organization are daunted with the overwhelming archival storage requirements of its feeds and thus result to deleting relevant footage that may be required many years to come.

  Features  Benefits

  LBAN’s CCTV secure feed with Azure Backup solution from Microsoft, you are covered with a Cloud backup Solution that is built to create an innovative way that can help with the backup and restore of your CCTV footage, media services and workloads in the Microsoft datacenters spread across the world.

  Azure Backup for your CCTV Footage replaces your existing on-premises or off-site backup (tape and disk) solution with a world class cloud-based solution that is reliable, secure, and cost-competitive.

  Azure Backup solution for your CCTV footages, it provides recovery services built on a world-class infrastructure that is scalable, durable, and highly available with Long term retention and unlimited Scaling capability.

  Protects your CCTV data with zero capital investment and minimal operating costs.

  Features  Benefits

   It enables Intelligent search for key indicators using key parameters such as Face segmentation, Colour’s, time etc.

   Videos can be streamed live on Azure before downloading. The LBAN’s CCTV secure feed can be achieved end to end as a service and as an LBAN Azure backup solution plug in for clients whom already have CCTV feeds available

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